The Academy

Since 2018, the Academy has been providing an experience-based learning space during the Creative Bureaucracy Festival. More than 600 people have so far used this space to try out new methods and courses of action. Here, creative approaches to social problems are not only presented, but also taught in an applied way.

In 2020, we will continue to pursue this question of “HOW” in order to experiment with each other and to get together in the digital space! With the motto “Emerging Patterns”, we focus on newly emerging patterns that we would like to actively help shape. Every day, an interactive lab will take place in which you can gain insight into new options for action, reflect on your own experiences and network with others as well as receive methodological training.

In addition to the Academy Labs, we offer all participants different formats for personal encounters, e.g. a playful warm-up & cool-down, on the couch with … international governance and Europe-capability, or a coffee on “Public Design” methods and theme-based networking. We are looking forward to getting to know you!

All academy sessions are in German only for now! The CBF-Team is working on expanding academy offers to the international audience.

Academy Emerging Patterns

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