You're working for the common good.
You have great ideas.
This is no contradiction.
This is your festival.

The Creative Bureaucracy Festival 2020 is over and we had a blast with our weeklong festival full of bureaucratic imagination. Our programme was jam-packed with new ideas, fresh insights, and pride in what the public sector can accomplish. As every year, our goal was to create spaces for exchange, to show examples of bureaucracy at its best, and not least to help people have fun – not in spite of being bureaucrats but because they are.

This year, our festival took place 100% virtually. It was accessible to public servants and their allies all across the world. And we spread it out over five days to better accommodate participants’ schedules. We’re in the middle of evaluating the week and will publish the results soon! In case you’ve missed the festival or missed out on a few sessions you still want to see: Watch the recordings right below the session details in the programme.

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»Public administrations today must be open for change, online services are a part of this, as is the competence to deal with cultural diversity. This is why I‘m delighted that so many people with great ideas meet at the Creative Bureaucracy Festival and discuss pathways for a better public sector.«

Bundespraesident Steinmeier
Frank-Walter Steinmeier President of Germany


We are looking back and ahead at the same time – to imagine the government of tomorrow and to find the elements we already have to build it. Several key themes serve as a compass in this endeavour. This year we want to focus on people, experiences, and stories in the following areas.

Learning from…

What can business, the civic world, the creative economy and the public sector can learn from each other to be more effective, more innovative and more attractive? And what variety is there in different corners of the globe?

The Silver Lining

The pandemic crisis has generated the urgency to innovate at speed. Things that seemed impossible are now possible. What improvements will stay and what changes do we still need for the "new normal"?

Creative bureaucrats in their own words

Stories from the frontline and the lived life of the bureaucrat. Personal accounts from inspiring bureaucrats and their close allies on how they have improved their systems or made their work more meaningful.

Energy from below

Showcasing the impacts on people of projects that have harnessed the power of civil society and improved community life, from reducing complex procedures to involving citizens in co-designing services.

The Innovative Ecosystem

A deep-dive into the mechanisms that drive system change most effectively – from national entities to local labs. How should these integrate with the existing mainstream? And how can we create critical mass and scale up?

Becoming a Public Servant

What skills do today’s bureaucrats need and where can they acquire them? An exploration of the different paths into life as a public servant and the best examples of programmes meeting 21st century needs.