Nikki Linsell

Director of Operations , Public Practice

Nikki is an architecturally trained operations and change management consultant specialising in social impact startups. She has co-founded and helped set-up a number of social enterprises, including Architects-4-Aid, where she managed projects and ethnographic research across Asia and Africa. Following this, she moved into consultancy overseeing a university restructure and most recently helping to set-up and raise £750,000 in angel investment for a people analytics tech start-up. Nikki has also held senior lecturer positions in Architecture and Urban Design at the University of Nottingham and Brighton and is currently writing up an EPSRC funded doctorate on the ethics and economics of the Architecture profession and ‘humanitarian capitalism’.

Friday 02 Oct


09:00 - 09:50

What does it take to be a public servant today? (en)

Public sector needs to bring bright people on board to be able adress contemporary challenges. Is it ready for it?

Public Practice,  SHINE Jean Monnet Network

Ramon Marrades,  Nikki Linsell,  Alba Soriano,  Andrés Boix-Palop

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