Margie Caust

Margie Caust

Urban Strategist & Co-Author of ‘The Creative Bureaucracy’, Urban Collaboration

Margie Caust is an urban strategist focusing on city futures, creativity and innovation.

Margie’s passion for cities was sparked by her role as the inaugural Director, Adelaide Capital City Committee. The Committee supports collaboration and joint priority setting by the state government and the Adelaide City Council.

Moving to London she led the Greater South East and Thames Gateway economic programs for the London Development Agency and south-east regions in the UK.

As a consultant she has worked on projects such as closed loop innovation for the UK Institute for Sustainability and, together with Charles Landry, on the High Speed 2 (HS2) rail project for the Independent Transport Commission. Other projects with Charles Landry include examining Adelaide under his Creative City Index (2013-14) and developing co-writing the first book on ‘The Creative Bureaucracy’. Richard Brecknock also collaborated on these projects.

Margie has played an integral role in building the foundations of creative bureaucracy movement. As part of her contribution to this year’s festival, she’s conducting a global survey on creativity and government employees. Here’s the link to taking part ahead of the festival:

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