Leonardo Maldonado

Leonardo Maldonado

Co-founder, Cities CAN B

Leonardo Maldonado is co-founder of the global sustainable cities movement, Cities CAN B. From new laws to poems on buses, the Cities CAN B movement is bringing together government, businesses and citizens to make the UN Sustainable Development Goals meaningful.

Leonardo is the CEO of Gulliver, a private innovation agency. Until April 2018, he was Executive Director of Sistema B Chile. He is a serial and social entrepreneur and dedicates his professional life to promoting innovation and entrepreneurship.

If there is one thing Leonardo knows best, it is how to build communities. He is guided by the conviction that we are all dependent upon each other and thus responsible for ourselves, each other, and future generations. He participated in building five companies, a foundation, and a social movement – Sistema B.

Member of the Responsible Leader Network of BMW Foundation Herbert Quandt

Wednesday 30 Sep


17:00 - 17:55

Learning from... Latin America (en)

How are Latin American citizens and institutions leveraging creativity to face the pandemic, while opening the possibility for a broader systemic transformation?

Leonardo Maldonado,  Carolina Huffmann,  Ramon Marrades

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