Helene Wolf

Co-Founder, FAIR SHARE of Women Leaders

Helene is co-founder and Executive Director of FAIR SHARE of Women Leaders. She has been developing FAIR SHARE collectively with others such as the Action Circle since 2019, first on a voluntary basis and now together with a small team based in Berlin.  She previously served as the Deputy Executive Director at the International Civil Society Centre, where she led and managed its development from a start-up to a mid-sized organisation. In this capacity, she also worked closely with the top leadership of the largest internationally operating civil society organisations on issues such as governance, accountability, and cooperation.

Member of the Responsible Leader Network of BMW Foundation Herbert Quandt

Friday 02 Oct


12:00 - 12:55

New men, new women, new cities (en)

What responsible leadership qualities can we learn from women? Part of our ‘RISE Cities’ series in collaboration with the BMW Foundation.

BMW Foundation

Amalia Zepou,  Susan Pettifer,  ElsaMarie D'Silva,  Helene Wolf

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