Carolina Huffmann

Co-Founder, Ciudades Comunes

Carolina is an argentine architect dedicated to urban planning, specialized in walkability. Master’s Degree in Master Laboratorio de la Vivienda del siglo XXI (U. Politécnica de Catalunya). In 2012 he founded Urbanismo Vivo, a dynamic and multidisciplinary urban consulting team that seeks to strengthen the link between people and the city from a local and human perspective. Professor at the University of Buenos Aires. She has been a representative of Jane’s Walks Buenos Aires since 2012, is a regional leader of the Placemaking X network and member of Placemaking Latin America. She is co-founder of Ciudades Comunes. She worked in the Ministry of Transportation in Buenos Aires in Pedestrian Interventions.

Wednesday 30 Sep


17:00 - 17:55

Learning from... Latin America (en)

How are Latin American citizens and institutions leveraging creativity to face the pandemic, while opening the possibility for a broader systemic transformation?

Leonardo Maldonado,  Carolina Huffmann,  Ramon Marrades

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