Andreina Seijas

Founder, Night Tank

Andreina Seijas J. is a Venezuelan researcher and international consultant with 10+ years of experience in urban development and policy in Latin America and the United States. Through her doctoral studies at the Harvard Graduate School of Design (2017-2020) she specialized in night-time governance and planning and launched Night Tank, an international consulting firm that focuses on this novel field of research and practice.

Andreina studies night-time governance, in other words, how cities can become safer, more inclusive and productive by creating quality spaces for work and leisure after dark. Her research looks at how policy and planning can accommodate more elastic and efficient uses of urban spaces throughout the day and analyzes the relevance of new forms of urban governance—such as the emerging role of ‘night mayors’—as mechanisms to facilitate conflict resolution at night.

As part of her research, in 2017 she published a guide with Sound Diplomacy that gathers 11 case studies from cities that are innovating in the way they plan and manage their night scenes. In 2018, she co-curated Nocturnal Cities, the first Latin American Conference on Managing the Urban Night that took place in Bogota, Colombia.

Andreina is currently working on a book based on her doctoral dissertation titled “Governing the Urban Night: Understanding the shifting dynamics of night-time governance in three global cities.”

Tuesday 29 Sep

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