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The Creative Bureaucracy Festival 2020 – a week full of bureaucratic imagination. Our program is jam-packed with fresh ideas, new insights and pride in what the public sector can accomplish. Our goal is to create space for exchange, to show examples of bureaucracy at its best and so that our participants have fun– not in spite of being bureaucrats but because they are.
This year the festival will be 100 per cent online. It will be available to public service workers and allies from around the world. And it extends over five days in order to be as long-term compatible as possible. Look forward to the finest management!



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Over 150 speakers in more than 120 sessions

Over 150 speakers in more than 120 sessions

5 days full of bureaucratic imagination

The program is again jam-packed with fresh ideas, new insights and a lot of appreciation for what the public sector does every day. Among other things with these main topics: What can the public sector learn from other sectors ?, pressure to innovate due to the pandemic, personal stories from everyday bureaucrats, and many more!

Daily festival highlight hour

The daily festival highlight hour from 1 pm to 2 pm CET summarizes the program again and also provides valuable further impulses and food for thought.
The time is selected to be compatible with working hours.

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»This is like oxygen for public servants«

Anna Lisa Boni
Anna-Lisa Boni General Secretary, Eurocities, Brussels


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