Time to think the unthinkable

How to turn radical disruption and uncertainty to government's advantage

*This session will take place over Zoom so please be sure to register in advance*

With COVID-19, the unthinkable has happened. Public servants are struggling to grip the enormity of global disruption and the need to change multiple policies at high speed. Join us to share your insights on how you can transform and innovate at the speeds the public expect.

Our institutions and those who work in them are weighed down by conformity. To be ready for what lies ahead tomorrow, how do you break with the conformist leadership of today?

  • What have you achieved in this extra-ordinary year?
  • How have you changed the ways you work and lead?
  • What new lessons and ideas can you share for leading during radical uncertainty?

At this opening, dynamic, interactive brainstorming we want to hear your ideas and experiences on how to think the unthinkable.

This ‘Firecracker’ session is designed to listen to you. The session will help frame the five days of debate.

So, please come ready to contribute to a focussed but freewheeling debate. *PLEASE REGISTER TO FULLY PARTICIPATE*

Led by Nik Gowing (founder) and Chris Langdon, co-directors of Thinking the Unthinkable.