Taking resilience seriously: Insights from pioneering cities

Chief Resilience Officers from cities around the globe discuss their experiences at the frontline.

How can government transform itself while in crisis mode? How do urban resilience and public innovation interrelate? Never have these questions felt more relevant than in our current global battles against COVID-19.

In this digital roundtable and workshop, we’re hearing from practitioners whose very task it is to build urban resilience about the strategic work-streams they’re implementing in their cities.

The session will be led by the Paris Resilience Office who, together with public innovation and design organizations (27e Région, Vraiment Vraiment – with the support of Bloomberg Philanthropies, Partie Prenante), recently launched an initiative on public transformation and resilience in response to the COVID-19 crisis.

The purpose of the initiative has been to identify key action zones in relation to urban resilience and public innovation (citizen participation; internal management; decision making; territorial cooperation; etc.), and in so doing to capitalize on the highly innovative solutions many cities have put in place during this period of crisis management and recovery, and draft forecasting scenarios for more resilient administrations (you can read more about them here!)

Our roundtable and workshop will aim to present the main findings of this investigation, and explore the experience of three distinct yet equally pioneering cities across the world (France’s Paris, Scotland’s North Ayrshire and Colombia’s Medellín) in relation to these topics:
  • What transformations have been accelerated?
  • What are the lessons learned and new impulses following the crisis?
We will then host a subsequent workshop where participants will be invited to share their own experience and feedback on prospective scenarios that have been developed following this investigation.
  • The main main roundtable will be open to all audience members across platforms (50minutes – 17:00-17:50).
  • The subsequent workshop (40minutes – 17:50-18:30) can be attended by registration only – *SIGN UP VIA THE RED REGISTRATION BUTTON BELOW*


“Resilience” is one of the four key themes from our ‘RISE Cities’ series in collaboration with BMW Foundation Herbert Quant looking at how to create resilient, intelligent, sustainable and equitable (RISE) cities.


Join the session here: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/4955033387