Helping Workers Weather Crisis and Disruption

A Task Approach for the Future of Work

In many countries, workers are facing great risks of displacement. The disruption wrought by digital transformation and more generally Industry 4.0, is now intensified by the economic dislocation from the Covid-19 crisis.

The scale of displacement from both is likely to be widespread and prolonged, and it is unlikely workers will be able to cope on their own. We will need to help our workers withstand and weather the disruption.

We thus present a new task-based approach that is scalable, and combines AI and human expertise. Using a task-skills “database stack” that we have built, our approach charts transition pathways anchored around the similar tasks – and corresponding skills – between the displaced job and the new job. By using similar tasks shared by jobs, workers can build on what they are familiar with to subsequently learn what is new and unfamiliar.

The presentation of the approach and project is followed by an open discussion with King Wang Poon in the speakers’ corner.