Good, better bureaucracy: Creative industries meet creative bureaucracy

Awarding 5 innovative projects driving creative transformation in and beyond the public sector

2020 is a turnkey year for the Creative Industries in Europe as the  Covid19-Pandemic has deeply disrupted the European societies and  economies in general: A biggest down turn in economic activities after World War II, making millions unemployed, markets closed and  companies and global brands bankrupt. This disruption hit the Cultural Creative Industries maybe harder than other sectors. Yet  instead of deploring the devastating impact of the pandemic on the creative industries we stubbornly look ahead in this session and  ask: What innovations, driven by Cultural and Creative Industries, are needed for such a sustainable future in Europe – more than ever? In how far does the creative industry already contribute to better lives, especially when it comes to government services and action?
And is there maybe a more important role than ever to play by the  Creative Industries to help shape a post-Corona world?
 The Digital European Creative Industries Summit 2020 is an online  forum with 4 breakout-sessions starting September 24 and leading to the concluding session on October 28th. While all breakout-sessions
are online streaming events, the concluding event is in addition taking place live on October 28 at the Ministry of Economics Affairs and Energy in Berlin. Learn more: 
„Framing Creative Futures – ECIS 2020 meets Forum“ is part of the official German Presidency of the Council of the European Union. Cooperation partners are ArtLab, Bayern Innovativ, Creative
Bureaucracy Festival, Hamburg Kreativ Gesellschaft, Industry Commons  Foundation and MEISTERKREIS/ECCIA. Sponsoring Partner is Kreativwirtschaft Austria.

On 1 Oct, five projects will be awarded that participated in a joint Open Call from the Creative Bureaucracy Festival and the European Creative Business Network.

The Projects recognised are:
– KREATIVVITTI, Mark Schlick, City of Pirmasens
– Cross Innovation Hub, Theo Haustein, Hamburg Kreativ Gesellschaft
– Loja Lisboa Cultura, Lisbon City Council
– WienBot, Jennifer Biechele, City of Vienna