Evolving bureaucracies: From then to now to where next

100 years, 4 stages of bureaucratic evolution – from Max Weber's notion of bureaucracy through New Public Management to models of Open Governance

Understanding the bigger picture is vital to keeping your destination in sight, so why are so few public servants taught about the meta-structures they’re operating within?

Drawing on his 20+ years of experience as a public servant and inspired by Frederic Laloux’s ground-breaking management book on next-stage organizations ‘Reinventing Organizations‘, Karl-Filip paints a vital picture of where we’ve come from and where we should be heading next in terms of our bureaucracies.

The journey begins with Max Weber’s bureaucracy theory from 100 years ago and reveals the four stages of bureaucratic structures we’ve since seen evolve to meet differing socio-economic and political contexts: from neoliberalism’s New Public Management through to the evolving Open Governance and Creative Bureaucracy models. By mapping each phase to corresponding leadership styles, organisational structures, rules and regulations and even language, it becomes immediately clear where and why certain countries and cities have got it right – and others so badly wrong.