Cities Turn To Digital Innovation Through Crisis

Hear from 3 pioneering cities supported by Bloomberg Philanthropies' Digital Innovation Program

The pandemic has put a spotlight on the need for effective digital services at every level of government. From shifting critical services like housing and employment online, to mobilizing new supports for vulnerable groups and businesses, cities across Europe are under pressure to deliver digital innovation at speed:

  • Has the crisis unlocked potential for rapid transformation?
  • Are cities facing common pitfalls as they re-design key services?
  • What will it take for city halls to digitize equitably, and at pace?

Louise Ellaway, Bloomberg Philanthropies, is joined by Petra Dzurovčinová, Chief Innovation Officer of the City of Bratislava, Ivari Rannama, Director of Geomatics at the City of Tallinn, and Csaba Pogonyi, Chief Policy Adviser to the City of Budapest to discuss.