Bringing politics and policy together

An unmissable opportunity to co-create the future policy-politics agenda with reshapers of democracy from across the globe

In this audience-interactive and lively session with experts from South Africa, the UK, the US, Germany, and Brasil we’ll debate the question of how to bridge the gap between politics and policy. Questions and topics we’ll explore include:

  • Do political campaigns confuse or bring clarity to the policy process?

  • What skills are needed in the public sector to better react to politics?

  • How polarization is impacting the intersection of politics and policy?

  • The pros and cons of politicians as policy experts.

  • The concept of “The Democracy Flywheel”

  • And we’ll make predictions about the future of this topic exploring trends around tech, transparency, and citizen engagement.

Come ready to engage, wonder, participate, and have fun. Send questions or ideas in advance to We’ll work to get you and your voice into the conversation.