Accelerating the transition to circular cities

How can cities reform their economic model to ensure successful sustainability?

Cities are key players in tackling the global climate crisis. After all, to enable the successful transition to a carbon neutral future sub-national authorities must effectively manage the process of scaling-up low-carbon solutions.

So how much progress have we made towards circular cities? Who are the most inspiring global leaders in the space? And what role do public servants play in accelerating this shift?

We are collaborating with the World Circular Economy Forum Online to bring you the key outcomes from this year’s 29-30 September event fresh off the press. Leading experts Mika Sulkinoja and Marleena Ahonen of Sitra and John Elkington of Volans look at the key developments in this space, and consider the crucial role that public servants play in shifting cities towards a truly circular economy.

“Sustainability” is one of the four key themes from our ‘RISE Cities’ series in collaboration with BMW Foundation Herbert Quandt looking at how to create resilient, intelligent, sustainable and equitable (RISE) cities.