Fixing the internet & harnessing collective intelligence: a smarter future for cities

How can we empower citizens of increasingly digital cities? Part of our ‘RISE Cities’ series in collaboration with the BMW Foundation.

True smart cities think of intelligence not just in terms of technology. Technology’s potential for cities to improve the lives of citizens is tremendous. But how does one build smart infrastructure on top of that which is already there? How does one innovate responsibly? And what are the limits to the power of technology?

We hear from two international pioneers in the realm of digital cities and responsible governance, Marleen Stikker and Geoff Mulgan, to find out. This conversation is guided by Jonas Schorr, co-founder of Berlin-based urban technology ecosystem builder Urban Impact.

“Intelligence” is one of the four key themes from our ‘RISE Cities’ series in collaboration with BMW Foundation Herbert Quandt looking at how to create resilient, intelligent, sustainable and equitable (RISE) cities.