PD x CBF2020

The Creative Bureaucracy Festival brings together the obvious and not so obvious public sector innovators from all over the world. PD has become this year’s exclusive festival partner to offer a virtual space for likeminded individuals and organisations to discuss, to inspire and to create networks for mutual support.

Our societies face major social, economic, and environmental challenges. CBF’s aim is helping bureaucracies grow more competent and confident so they can successfully address these issues. As the in-house consultancy of the public sector, PD wholeheartedly shares this mission, modernising the German public sector from within and delivering modern infrastructure projects. Jointly with our public shareholders and clients, we’re working for sustainable, effective and realistic solutions – even if sometimes those solutions are outside of the habitual comfort zones.

As a festival partner, we are grateful and proud to be able to offer more than 30 sessions to the international audience. We’d like to address questions which matter to the public sector of tomorrow: what will the government of the future look like? How about artificial intelligence as an accelerator for government processes? Can we find more sustainable approaches to construction and buildings? How can administrations and start-ups inspire each other?

At PD x CBF2020, we unite well-known thought leaders and creators of modern bureaucracy to discuss answers to these questions. Be a part of this creative movement! Present your ideas, share your thoughts, and re-think what governments should look like. We’re very much looking forward to meeting you in some of our sessions!

You can learn more about PD and our public mission here: https://www.pd-g.de/

Our six key themes at PD x CBF2020

We’ve prepared dozens of interactive and exciting sessions to meet your special interests. Below, you’ll find an overview of our manifold panel discussions, workshops and opportunities to get in touch with visionaries of a future bureaucracy.

Manage the Corona crisis

The corona crisis turns out to be a major challenge for authorities and public health services alike, not to mention their employees. Are hospitals prepared for rising COVID-19 cases in the upcoming winter? Does working at home turn bureaucrats into digital natives? Join our discussions!

An approach for bureaucracy

The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals – a focal point of PD x CBF2020: in order to implement the goals successfully, states need a public administration that has a detailed understanding of the SDGs, is able to translate abstract goals into concrete measures, and can work creatively across government departments.

Bureaucracy – it’s as simple as that

Governments should focus on its users and its use likewise. We will present concepts and best practices of user-centred and efficient solutions for pressing challenges of government authorities such as human-centred urban development and the careful handling of public data.

The Bigger Picture

Listen to the Deputy Minister to the President of Research, Innovation and Digital Policy of Republic of Cyprus explain the vision, goals and plans of the Republic of Cyprus to unlocking its digital future. This keynote is just one of the highlights of PD x CBF2020.

Output first

„The civil service of the future will be digital and paperless”, says Prof. Dr. Andreas Meyer Falcke. The CIO of North Rhine-Westphalia talks about how Germany’s most populous state is digitising its administration. In addition, we discuss the potentials of Building Information Modelling.

Goodbye government agency

Gender, age and cultural background: Mixed teams not only improve the performance of companies but also of state agencies. Why is diversity management important? Which government agencies are leading the way?


Are you crazy about modernising public service and infrastructure? Do you love working with visionaries, pragmatists and designers of future bureaucracy? Then, meet our consultants at our virtual speed-dating at PD x CBF2020!

We’re looking for smart cookies with lots of grid and fresh ideas. With truly exceptional clients and challenging mandates, we offer not just a place to work, but also a place to create meaningful impact. Come by and have a virtual coffee. We’d be glad to meet you at PD-Recruiting@CBF2020!


On a coffee with the PD management

Does Artificial Intelligence have a role in the civil service? What does the government agency of the future look like? What can public servants learn from entrepreneurs?

In this digital Q&A sessions the PD managing directors Stéphane Beemelmans and Claus Wechselmann will answer your questions – for as long as it takes to finish a cup of coffee. Fire away if you’re interested in innovation and digitisation within the public sector.

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