About RISE cities

In the near future, 68 percent of the world’s population will live in urban areas. Cities are the places where global challenges are concentrated and intensified – from climate change and mobility, to integration and safety, to threats to democracy and social cohesion as a result of increasing fragmentation. Numerous success stories show, however, that positive impact can be most quickly achieved at the local level – and by involving all stakeholders. Therefore, the BMW Foundation promotes the development and spread of scalable solutions for resilient, intelligent, sustainable, and equitable (RISE) cities.

The foundation has taken a number of actions to further this objective – one of them being the involvement at the Creative Bureaucracy Festival 2020, where the BMW Foundation Herbert Quandt seeks to showcase best practices and change makers driving the transformation of cities across all RISE dimensions.

Related activities of the BMW Foundation Herbert Quandt

Responsible Leaders Labs

These 3-day labs bring together 30 international leaders from business, academia, government, public administration, NGOs, media, and the cultural sector to work on concrete solutions for sustainable cities. Because of their length and trusting atmosphere, the Labs offer participants an opportunity to learn from each other and network for joint projects.


With the cooperation partner Impact Hub, the BMW foundation is taking Denkraum, a one-day think tank tested in Germany, to the European level: In 2020, this format will be held in Munich but also in Amsterdam, Madrid, and Athens, with 50 to 60 participants from each city. Each Denkraum concludes with the concrete further development of solutions for local problems as well as new contacts and alliances for support.

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