Changing bureaucracy isn't easy and can't be done alone. It requires hard work and strong partners. We have a lot of those – from all around the world and all sectors.

Over 50 network and programme partners have signed up to join our movement so far


More than 1,400 people attended last year's Creative Bureaucracy Festival festival in Berlin

Media reach

About 10,000 people are reached through our various media channels


Almost 3,500 curious minds have already subscribed to our Creative Bureaucracy newsletter


More than 120 sessions will take place at this year's Creative Bureaucracy Festival

Programme hours

Over 100 hours will be crammed into this year's festival schedule over the course of five days

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Join us in our mission! Become a part of a wide and diverse network of organizations and initiatives working towards making government more imaginitive, sustainable, and responsive to the needs of its citizens – to the benefit of all of society. Use our platform to learn from others and to promote your own ideas and success stories. Help us put together a festival for the ages – and to do so every single year.

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