Every year the Creative Bureaucracy Festival Award is given to people who have made a difference in the public sector by imaginatively addressing public challenges and improving the workings of government. In 2020 we are proud to announce four people as recipients of the award:
Rudi Dicks

Rudi Dicks

We are awarding the Creative Bureaucracy Festival Award 2020 to Rudi Dicks, who is head of the project management office in the private office of the South African president Cyril Ramaphosa. He has shown extraordinary dexterity and negotiation skills in brokering solutions by bringing together the country’s multiple partners from the public administration, the business and civic worlds and community. He is a real enabler, a fixer and an unblocker, such as organizing the Jobs Summit that created the country’s employment programme, fast-tracking the widening of South Africa’s broadband by a few years, simplifying the water license system that previously had blocked investment and job creation.

Lisa Witter Robyn Scott

Lisa Witter & Robyn Scott

We are awarding the Creative Bureaucracy Festival Award 2020 to Robyn Scott and Lisa Witter who co-founded Apolitical in 2015. This astonishing organization has since created a  network of 85,000 public servants from across the globe. Government is critical to solving global challenges and Apolitical seeks to bring 21st-century learning and the best skills and solutions into it by helping public servants to connect and share knowledge and by being active in their global learning platform. This can give them a sense that they are part of a wider community of effective change-makers working to solve the world’s hardest challenges in the common interest and for the public good.

Christian Drosten

The Creative Bureaucracy Festival Award 2020 is awarded to a highly decorated scientist in public service – but not for his scientific contributions such as the development of the first Coronavirus test, while these undoubtedly deserve the highest recognition and certainly represent outstanding creativity. The Berlin virologist and Charité professor Christian Drosten is rather honoured for his outstanding public appearances. Unlike many academics who shy away from popular media, Christian Drosten explained in great detail and with the utmost patience the details of research surrounding the coronavirus. He openly confesses what challenges remain unsolved, and has the boldness to correct his positions in public when new evidence is surfaced. Christian Drosten has contributed to a well informed public and in building trust for public institutions in challenging times.