The First Global Survey on Creativity in Government

How creative are government organizations across the world? We’re calling on all government employees to share their experiences and ideas.
Bureaucracy is an inherently rule-bound type of organization. Is thinking outside the box even possible in this context? And, if yes, to what degree and how? To explore these questions, Margie Caust, friend of the festival and co-author of “The Creative Bureaucracy” (2017), has designed the very first Global Survey on Creativity in Government.
The survey is open from now until September – and its results will be presented at the Creative Bureaucracy Festival 2020 in front of a global audience.
We are not only asking for bureaucrats’ assessment of creativity in their own organizations and their everyday lives at work, but also for their ideas on what they think makes a creative government organization. Of course, we can’t gloss over the fact that we’re in the midst of a pandemic. COVID-19 affects the public sector as much as any other. Because of this, we’re also asking how the pandemic has changed bureaucrats’ work and workplaces – and whether any good has come from these changes after all.
Therefore we ask all public servants out there: Participate and tell us what you think, it will only take a few minutes! And, please, spread the word about the survey. You’ll be rewarded with lots of good Karma – as well as a snapshot of how Creative Bureaucracy around the world is doing and how creative it could be at the upcoming festival
Si desea completarlo en español, hay una versión en español tambien! 
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